For us, it’s personal. Our class structure is designed to give you the closest possible experience to a 1:1 PT Session whilst working together in a collaborative environment to ensure you reach your target goal, both mentally and physically.


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Our 28 Day Transformation is a results focused programme that includes workouts, nutrition and ongoing support to keep you motivated and on track to achieve your fitness goals.

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Interval training with a focus on Bodyweight and Circuits with the help of some cardio equipment to ensure your heart rate is where it should be at all times, if weight loss and toning is your goal, this is for you.

Strength class at gym in West Hampstead

Strength Training

At Sw3at our focus is to ensure that our clients are training effectively, with our strength programme our key goal here is to build lean muscle tissue. Using a Push Pull method that will use different muscle groups on different days, you will be able to train as often as you like.



Alongside exercise, the way we are able to look and feel our best is down to our Lifestyle and Nutrition. Did you know that regardless of whether you are exercising and eating your way into a calorie deficit, if your stress levels are high. Cortisol (Adrenaline) can stop you on your quest to success, similarly those gymming everyday, restricted to certain foods and wondering why there is no change can also be down to false information on what is deemed healthy. We host seminars on nutritional guidance weekly,



If you’re looking for an intense personalised workout with a great group of people and awesome music this is the place for you!
— Sabrina Rahimzadeh
This was probably the most pleasant experience I’ve had in any gym facility. It’s free from the superficiality and commercialness you get at big chain gyms. A really refreshing experience. A real sense of community here.
— Michael Gorodi
I have always avoided going to the gym (mainly due to the lack of motivation), but the staff here have been very encouraging and have helped me create a routine. So far so good!
— Evangelos Pavlides