We are a boutique fitness studio based in North West London. We burn fast and HIIT hard, offering a variety of metabolic conditioning and strength based training sessions to those looking for a less crowded surrounding to maximise your full potential. Say goodbye to those unwanted calories and hello to a whole new level of endurance.



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The key to achieving results is ensuring technique is on point. As we only have a maximum of 6 people per class we are able to ensure all our clients have our full attention throughout their workout, meaning no one's form goes unnoticed. 


Small Intimate Classes

Being able to observe everyone's movement is key, so we focus on small group classes which means our focus is with you throughout. The smaller the class, the quicker the technique gets picked up and the quicker you are on route to achieving your goals. We want you to feel the burn, but never get injured. 


Not reliant on machines 

It’s easy to plateau in a large class on machines, if you are feeling unmotivated it is unlikely you will push yourself on that treadmill or rower, with body weight that is never the case. We are there to guide you through challenging routines that will help you achieve the results you want.



During the 45 minute workout, you will perform multiple intervals designed to produce 12-20 minutes of training at 84% or higher of your maximum heart rate, This program design produces EPOC, which is the workout “after-burn” effect which = CALORIE BURN



Our fitness studio accommodates up to two personal trainers at once and 6 members for a class. Dedicated to functional training, we have the equipment necessary for a full HIIT bodyweight workout & Strength training sessions 



The team at sw3at all have their own unique teaching style but with the same approach in mind. To help you reach your full potential. You will have a designated coach to guide you through your assessment and advise which classes would be best suited to your goal.

Adam Murad - Personal Trainer at Sw3at Studio

Adam Murad - Body sculptor 

Our very own body sculptor with eye watering knowledge on nutrition and exercise variations. Having been in the industry for 13 years, Adam understands all body shapes and the healthiest way to achieve your goals. Expect extremely high energy in his classes, a must for those looking for change in physique.

Jessica Becker - HIIT Coach at Sw3at Studio

Jess Becker - HIIT Coach

Conditioning focussed only. Jess loves a resistance band workout and won't let you leave until you’re in the red zone. Fun but brutal and with a high emphasis on bodyweight exercise. Expect a high calorie burn in one of her classes.


JASON Gargalianos - KING of Form

Highly experienced Certified Personal and group trainer with BSc in Sports Science and specialisations in Strength and Conditioning, Corrective Exercise and Fitness Nutrition. Jason teaches you how to perform every exercise safely and effectively and transform your physical appearance through a caring, dynamic and fun environment.