HOW DOES Form focus help?

Most of us who go to large group classes are demonstrated a technique which we are unlikely to replicate correctly in most circumstances, the issue here is that injury is likely when exercises are done incorrectly as well as not achieving results without hitting the correct muscle groups. Here at sw3at we have small group classes to give you the correct technique to perform these exercises.


  • Achieving results faster

  • Injury prevention

  • Better posture

  • Employing efficient body mechanics to maximise strength and energy

  • Helping to detect physical weakness and imbalance


A must for everyone, not just beginners. This class will teach you how to execute movement correctly meaning you won't be at risk to any injuries when performing the strength and conditioning classes.

Form focus will ensure that you get the best out of every exercises by recruiting the correct muscle groups necessary for the movement you are performing. 


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No commitment. No tie-in. At Sw3at, we’re a mixed bunch of people from all sorts of backgrounds. The only requirement to join us is an enthusiasm for positive personal change.

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This was probably the most pleasant experience I’ve had in any gym facility. It’s free from the superficiality and commercialness you get at big chain gyms. A really refreshing experience. A real sense of community here.
— Michael Gorodi